A MAN has been jailed for 12 months for smashing up a taxi with an axe in a revenge attack over fly-tipping in a Bradford neighbourhood.

Ky Hay did £2,000 damage to the Skoda Fabia at 4.15am on May 22, writing it off and ruining the livelihood of his victim, Majid Hussain, Bradford Crown Court heard on Monday.

Hay, 48, of Hampton Place, Idle, Bradford, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to criminal damage and possession of the axe as a bladed article.

He was sentenced on a video link to Leeds Prison where he had been held in custody since his arrest on the morning of the offences.

Prosecutor Michael Smith said that Mr Hussain and other neighbours were woken by the sound of banging and smashing glass in Hampton Place.

He saw Hay, who he recognised because they were involved in a dispute over fly-tipping, attacking his taxi then leaving the scene carrying something.

The court heard that the Skoda had its windows put through and bodywork dented.

When the police arrived, Hay admitted using an axe to smash up the vehicle.

He blamed the way he had been treated by Mr Hussain and the police in a dispute over fly-tipping.

He accused the police of sweeping his complaints under the carpet.

Mr Smith said Hay told officers: “It’s a good job no one came out of the house because I would have chopped them into pieces.”

Mr Hussain had to scrap his taxi because he had third party insurance and could not afford to repair the damage, Mr Smith said.

John Batchelor said in mitigation that Hay had spent two months in HMP Leeds, the equivalent of a four-month jail sentence.

There had been a catalogue of events leading up to the offences.

“There was a build-up of tension and a gross over-reaction on his part,” Mr Batchelor said.

Hay had lived rather an isolated life and suffered the effects of fly-tipping in his local area. He was on medication to maintain his mental health and suffered anxiety and a sense of grievance.

Judge Jonathan Rose said: “The court is aware of the problem of fly-tipping in Bradford. These matters are very regularly reported in the local Press.”

He conceded that it was a blight on the city that caused distress to decent members of the public.

But Mr Hussain was asleep in bed when his taxi was smashed up in a revenge attack. Hay had shown no remorse for his actions.

“People who act in revenge with an axe must expect prison sentences,” Judge Rose said.

He made a five-year restraining order to protect Mr Hussain from Hay in the future.