With rising levels of coronavirus cases in localised areas, it was only a matter of time before we lost focus.

When lockdown began we were all told to band together so we could fight this threat, as neighbours, colleagues and as one community. We applauded the NHS workers every week and we celebrated that wonderful spirit of comradeship that had developed between people. It didn’t matter where anyone came from, we were all united in our belief that would we come through this as better people.

As things slowly returned to normal sadly some of us have quickly forgotten what it meant 'to be in this together.’ There is a real culture of blame developing and it needs to stop right now.

We hear of people calling out Asians for not adhering to social distancing rules and then others respond and tell of pubs and beaches full to the rafters. This idea that one set of people are bending the rules whilst another are swanning around in the leafy suburbs is simply a way of deflecting our attentions from how poorly managed this whole crisis has been at the top.

When you have nothing else to say, you end up putting the blame on others, a tactic that has been extremely well exploited by segments of the media. Why put the onus on the muppets in charge when you can blame the masses?

We know full well that sections from the community are more prone to contracting the virus and this has little to do with how they behave.

This past month, the rising levels of coronavirus was pinned on garment factories occupied by large numbers of Asians. Pity none of the wages and cramped conditions mattered when we felt happy to wear these brands and post them on our social media profiles.

Ask someone about cases rising in their neighbourhood, they immediately become defensive and respond by calling out those who flocked to the beaches and 'people in pubs'. Why must we compare ourselves to others in the hope it will diminish our own responsibilities? It should not matter who is doing what and instead we must look at our own actions before anyone else. After several months of lockdown has it really come to this - petty jibes just to score points and appease our own prejudices?

We want to blame someone else when we should actually be focusing on winning this battle against a virus that shows no mercy. A virus that affects everyone, regardless of colour, religion and background.

So, next time you want to post something that shifts the blame on someone else remember we are actually STILL in it together.