A BRADFORD doctor says you may want to think twice about going to certain areas of France and Spain on holiday after they reported spikes in coronavirus cases.

Dr Amir Khan says the two countries are currently on the UK government’s ‘green list’ of places UK residents can visit on holiday, but some areas of France and Spain have reported spikes in Covid-19 cases.

In France areas including Brittany, Nice and Marseille its R-rates have risen to 1.5, and in Spain, Barcelona has reported a 2.5 R-rate.

Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine, Dr Khan said: “These two countries are still on the ‘green list’. These countries are under review.

“I would say if you are planning a summer holiday, think carefully where you are going. Stay away from these hotspots.

“You don’t want to be under quarantine for two weeks when you come back.”

Meanwhile, Dr Khan also talked about face masks being compulsory in shops in England from tomorrow.

He also discussed reports of face coverings having to be worn in takeaways in England.

He said: “Masks do prevent the spread of Covid alongside other safety measures.

“There is still some resistance to this.”

Dr Khan added a study of 198 countries around the world where face coverings have to be worn have reported lower death rate figures.

He also talked about reports that people are set to be able to visit their relatives in care homes in England.

Dr Khan added: “This is welcome news.

“Care homes will have to be risk assessed by local authorities, who will decide whether it is safe for people to visit.

“If you do go, you will have to wear a mask, pinny and gloves.”