A Harlington pensioner whose viral skipping video sent smiles worldwide will appear in public at Ansell Garden Centre today and tomorrow.

Rajinder Singh, 73, is a retired driver who regularly used to do the park run but found alternative ways to exercise in lockdown at his allotment in Harmondsworth near his home. 

A video taken at the allotment one day during lockdown was shared on social media and went viral. 

Rajinder said: “I love skipping, my father taught me how to skip and now I want to teach others and especially elders who want to exercise, my faith gives me the strength.” 

He would normally go to the allotment to plant his seeds and do a bit of gardening but now uses it as a place to exercise.

A fundraiser for the NHS set up after his few videos had gone viral has more than 13,000.

He was given a Points of Light Award by the Prime Minister, recognising the change he is making in his community.

His message to everyone is stay active and healthy and he said you can find simple things at home to exercise with such as water cans, a spare tyre, tins of beans, rice.

He wants more people to join his challenge by exercising, tagging him @Sikhskipping in the videos and donating towards the cause. 

He said his faith is the driver behind the energy he has and is always staying active, he doesn’t really rest and he just feels if he can do it then more people may get off the sofa and do some form of exercise daily.

Taz Parvaz, 45, from Birmingham, said: "I want to thank Rajinder for inspiring me while I have been in Lockdown and I hope that these videos inspire hundreds more to take up skipping.”

Harjinder Panesar, 54, from Harrow, said: "I was inspired to have a go and do 100 skips. I realised that I could do it. He made it look so easy and I found that I could do it as well."

The Age UK Hillingdon, Harrow & Brent in association with Ansell Garden Centre event will take place on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 July from 9am - 5pm.