A group of Oldham volunteers have raised more than £95,000 for the humanitarian disaster in Yemen.

Volunteers ranged from young children to taxi drivers and pharmacists. Donors were from all over the UK and America, Pakistan and South Africa gave to the cause.

Six year old Eliza Imaan contributed to the cause from her savings and has helped her proud father to raise £550, she said, “I just want to help the people in Yemen it’s very hard for them.”

Yemen is a war torn Middle Eastern country which is going through a catastrophe. It is reported to be the worst humanitarian disaster in 100 years. Saudi Arabia and its allies have been bombing Yemen regularly since 2015. More than 10,000 people have been killed in the conflict; half of the casualties were civilians.

Four million Yemenis have been displaced so far and Cholera is spreading, with 100,000 people who have been affected by it so far.  Add to this the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic which has left the country’s health system on the brink of collapse.

According to OXFAM, since 2015 the war has made 24 million Yemeni men, women and children needy of humanitarian assistance.

The money was raised through Give Brite, an online fundraising platform based in Oldham. All the fundraisers are from Oldham and had a target of £250, but two fundraisers managed to raise a massive £10,000 each.

Project manager Mansur Ahmed said, “We started this campaign aiming to raise £25,000 but instead managed to raise £95,000, we witnessed people working together for such a worthy cause which was truly amazing. It was eye opening to see the community come together and show so much generosity.”

Saudi Arabia has been using UK made weapons in Yemen so the UK is partially to blame for this crisis.

Imran Asghar a local dentist said, “Raising such a large amount in a few days shows what a small number of sincere and determined people can achieve in aiding our fellow human beings. The world is sitting by while children are having to eat grass due to hunger. Please take a moment to research the crisis in Yemen and tell others about it.” 

One Nation is a charity that has been working in Yemen for more than three years. They provide food packs which feed a family for a whole month. Food packs cost only £25. 

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