We all know during the pandemic certain traders have been taking advantage of the shortage of services and goods.

Many people are now jobless and others are struggling to make ends meet but I have to say some of these barbers have hiked their prices and charged up to £25 and more for haircuts.

They started doing this for Eid first and we as a community allowed it. Now they have done it during COVID-19 and I thought it was beyond a joke. Once you give someone an inch they take a mile and this is exactly what they have done.

We live in a day and age where we want to respect everyone and in all professions, but then I saw the way some of these guys behaved during COVID-19.

I am painting all of them with the same brush as they’ve all done it.

So as a community we need to take a stand and not make this trade sound as glamorous as it is and stand up for what is unjust. We were all quick to criticise the meat shops and the cash and carry’s but we forgot about others who were happy cutting our hair and having conversations and agreeing with us but then charging us triple the price for a normal cut.

People may say we are to blame for this as we could not live without our precious haircuts. But our businesses should realise that we will remember how we were treated and overcharged after the lockdown is lifted.

Submitted by RockyRollay