A mum  has launched a unique faith-inspired jewellery brand in honour of her son.

Hasina Momtaz, founded Soul Gems London, which offers inspirational faith-based messages and meaningful reminders. Hasina’s son, Sami, was killed instantly in a road traffic collision on 3 June 2014 at the age of 18 and today marks the sixth anniversary of his death.

Prior to setting up Soul Gems London, Hasina worked in PR and communications and was in the Mayor of London’s press team for nine years dealing with breaking news stories such as the 7/7 bombings and the London riots. 

Hasina said, “This is a real departure from my previous career and it’s pretty daunting to launch a business during a global pandemic. 

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However, my son Sami, who is the inspiration behind Soul Gems London, was very entrepreneurial from a young age and always encouraged me to go into business. I had no idea how to combine that with my passion for jewellery and my faith-based values until the idea for Soul Gems London was born in 2019”.

There is one particular piece in the Soul Gems London Collection called the ‘Paradise’ necklace which was created specially in Sami’s memory.

This distinctive necklace is engraved with the Arabic proverb “In paradise there is love without separation”. One side of the pendant is engraved with Arabic lettering and the other side is engraved with the English meaning.

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Hasina continues, “I came across this proverb after Sami’s death and it gave me hope that we would be reunited in a better place one day.

“I’ve had amazing feedback on all the pieces but one customer in particular has bought three Paradise necklaces for friends who have lost loved ones recently. She messaged me to say that it’s brought them peace and hope and that is at the heart of what I want to do which is to bring a little bit of joy to people if I can. 

“Non-Muslim friends have also bought pieces from the Collection because they loved the beauty and uniqueness of the pieces. They asked me what the meaning is behind certain Arabic words and really liked the messages when I explained to them. 

“Perhaps through something as small as a beautiful piece of jewellery, barriers between communities and faiths can be broken down.  That would be a wonderful thing, especially in the current turbulent world we are in.

“Sami was an amazing young man who was loved by many. As well as being entrepreneurial, Sami really wanted to help those less fortunate than himself and, in the month of Ramadan before he died, he fundraised for a charity in the UK.

“I would like to continue what Sami started and hope to set up a Foundation in Sami’s memory which would be supported through profits from the business to help those less fortunate in the UK and abroad”.

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Other pieces in the collection have reminders inscribed on them about having gratitude and patience, two of the foundations of faith but also universal messages that resonate regardless of a faith or none. One piece which has already sold out is a bangle (image attached) which has the inscription “Sabr – this too shall pass”.  

Sabr means patience and it’s a timely reminder that at some point the bad times will pass and give way to better, happier days ahead.