An Oldham man has run 200 km and raised thousands in support of a Girls’ School.

Afruz Miah set out to run 50km in total during Ramadan to raise funds for Westwood High - an Independent Girls’ School but went on to complete a staggering 200km.

The 46-year-old said, “During lockdown I wanted to remain active and realised I want to utilise all this energy and passion for running for a cause close to my heart.

“I hadn't done any exercise let alone running during Ramadan in the state of fasting.

“The support I have received has been phenomenal and I felt fit and healthy so extended the challenge to 200km.”

Afruz completed his 200km on Friday (May 22) and was clapped to the finishing line by supporters and friends. So far Afruz has raised £10,000 for the school.

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Afruz’s run is all the more amazing after he fought back from illness, “I was sat on the sofa listening to the wheezing sound of my breath after a doctor told me I could be on medication for life. I was told I could suffer from a heart attack anytime or a stroke.

“I wasn’t scared or terrified for myself but for my young family. They didn’t deserve this”.

He said he needed to make a change to his lifestyle and eating habits. Almost 15 stones heavy with high blood pressure it had to be monitored 24 hours. Afruz is now eleven and half stones.

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He told us, "The run has also helped my mental health and those of others around me I feel.

"Every few kilometres I had people running with me but of course keeping their distance during the lockdown. I have had people now calling me asking to do a running club."

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Friends and family turned out to celebrate Afruz completing his challenge

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He started going to the gym and slowly started to get into the rhythm of things for a month or two. Afruz began running regularly and after a month, he realised he had managed close to 100 miles.

He said, “During Ramadan I felt he needed to keep up with his fitness and needed to make myself useful, keep up the motivation and keep on top of  my well-being too. I needed a challenge and saw a plea from a local school that needed urgent funds to keep its doors open. 

“A small but outstanding Ofsted rated school in the heart of Oldham named Westwood High. A much-needed school that would leave a hole in the community if it shut. That was my cause, I need to help this school stay open."

Afruz is now hoping to make this an annual event.

You can still support Afruz by clicking here