A father of two is cycling 50 kilometres while fasting to raise money to help the most vulnerable affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Adil Papini from West London will cycle from Eailing to Barnet on Friday 22 May and help raise money for the charity Islamic Relief UK, while going without food and water as his observes the holy month of Ramadan.

The cycle is part of Islamic Relief’s Ramadan 2.6 challenge, to get family, friends and more to sponsor people doing 26 or 2.6 of anything they like to raise money to help others and save lives around the world. Although Adil has ambitiously decided to exceed the 26k to 50k.

Adil, who is originally from Italy, is particularly keen on helping those affected in Syria, Yemen, and Myanmar as refugee families already lacking shelter, food and medical equipment find their struggles increasing with the outbreak of Coronavirus.

The money he will raise will also help vulnerable communities in the UK affected by the pandemic.

Adil Papini said, “I've been blessed with a healthy and carefree life which I am very grateful for. It was when I first became a Muslim and had to face the hardship of not having food or water during Ramadan that I fully understand what it might be like for those less fortunate than myself.

"So Ramadan is incredibly special for me. Ramadan during lockdown has been incredible - but there is also so much suffering in the world right now. I wanted to experience a little of the hardship that refugees and people who don't have my privileges go through.

“Cycling is my passion and I can't imagine not being able to go for a bike ride. As I'm in my fifties now I wanted to see how far my body would be able to cope with a 50k ride without food or water. Ramadan is the best time to do this - raise money for a good cause and challenge myself, mind body and soul."

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