A man who posted that he regretted raising funds for a murder victim after he realised she was a shia has apologised for the comment.

Some Muslims were accused of being ‘no better than Islamophobes’ for urging funds not to be raised.

Police launched a major investigation after Aya Hachem was shot in broad daylight on Sunday in Blackburn. The tragic death has shocked the community and a number of fundraising efforts were being made across social media.

However, some Twitter users posted crass comments urging others to be wary of donating towards the cause due to the victims background.

One of whom was @humbleakh1 who has now taken down the comments but not before screenshots were shared across Twitter. 

He has now apologised for the comment.

He said, "Wallah Idk what I caused this was so bad & I feel really bad about it. In no way was I even thinking of disrespecting the sister & her family. I know I’ve hurt many with my tweet due to my poor choice of words & I realise that I made a mistake. I’ve never been the one to cause.

"Problems on the TL I’ve always just minded my own business. I sincerely apologise for my tweets & the words that came out of my mouth.The fundraising project has been successful and all funds will go to  @muslimhandsuk so we can build a water well for the sister.

"The family don’t want the money from me however they do know that im doing this project. Brother @Hannanqazi_   has spoken to the family about this & they said its okay for me to carry on with it. The funds will take a few days going to the charity as it was my first time.

"Doing this fundraising project and I started the withdrawals late so I gotta wait a couple of days. But as soon as It arrives I will show proof that this was legit & not a scam. Allah is my witness to all this & now all of you whoever came across the tweets are also witnesses.

"My poor choice of words really did do me more damage than good. But I meant no mean intent. May Allah bless everyone who donated & shared may Allah make it heavy for you on your scales on the day of judgment ameen.

"I know the damage has been done and will need to take this on the chin but khair we all make mistakes & that’s fine no one is free from mistakes. May Allah forgive us and guide us. Thanks to all the brothers & sisters who advised me in private & also defended me."

Earlier Twitter users had reacted angrily to suggestions that people should be aware of raising funds for a shia victim.

@mahsak_said, "Just 24 hours ago Aya was an innocent muslim girl to you all, and now that you've found out she could be shia you want the money from the fundraising back?."

@MikeyO_Brien2 said, "Honestly can’t believe I’m seeing people effectively revoke their condolences for sister Aya upon discovering that she’s Shia astaghfirullah. No different from islamophobes."

Shaykh Azhar Nasser posted, "Aya was a 19 year old Muslim woman who was shot and killed.  If you’re hesitant to donate to her grieving family because she’s “Shia” please locate the nearest wall and run your head into it.  A true Muslim doesn’t have that kind of hatred in their heart."

@t3betrayy said, Aya Hachem was murdered for being a MUSLIM, and the fact that muslims can’t come together as ONE and help her family, but instead make her death political and sectarian is disgusting. and all this while we’re in ramadan. Shia hate has gone way too far. you should be ashamed.

@ziszexy said, "I can’t believe people cancelled the fundraising for Aya because they found out she was shia. Subhanallah, did you not feel guilty? Anyone who’s close with Allah swt feels guilty and would never do that. You’re a كافر that’s what you are.."

@bilalhassam said, "Let's be absolutely clear folks. Our sister, Aya Hachem, was tragically killed in a horrific attack. If you think Sunni Islam stops you from expressing solidarity/support to our Shia sisters and brothers, you haven't understood the Sunnah and haven't understood Islam."

@AliShanawar1 said, "Shocking beyond belief to hear, British Lebanese #AyaHachem from #Blackburn was brutally murdered.  Just because Aya is Shia it does not mean she doesn’t deserve respect or your donations. The Islam I was taught told me to care and  ALL OF HUMANITY.  Prayers for her family."

User @hennaahmedx said, "For you people who are taking back your donations because Aya was Shia, just remember there’s a SUNNI source (Sahih Al Bukhari) that states “The Prophet (SAW) said, "One who takes back his gift (which he has already given) is like a dog that swallows its vomit." Remember that."