A video connected hand dryer displays hygiene messages to users as they dry their hands.

The Savortex adDryer dries hands in 11 seconds and an in-built video screen displays messages encourages better hygiene in washrooms say developers.

The adDryer is now being used by leading UK businesses including the Manchester Central Exhibition Centre, which has been transformed into an NHS field hospital to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Syed Ahmed, CEO of Savortex, “These are unprecedented and challenging times. We are honoured that our British manufactured technology is supporting our clients hand drying and hygiene awareness strategy. 

"We have recently deployed our unique solution to Manchester Central, CO-OP, Euro Garages with many other projects being planned, so our clients’ staff, customers and the public can use washroom facilities with greater confidence and increased safety.”

Grant Dickson, Managing Director of MY Facilities. said, “As a leading facilities management provider, washing and drying hands hygienically is of huge importance to our clients.” 

"We have introduced the adDryer™ to our national clients who are providing essential services to the general public. They are using the innovative technology to dry hands and raise awareness in showing both internal and hygiene-based messages to users."