Hundreds of British nationals, including NHS workers are stranded in Pakistan after the country banned international flights until at least April 4.

PIA suspended all their flights on Saturday and this was soon followed by Emirates who grounded all their flights on Monday.

The Foreign Office advised British nationals abroad to return home this week but many have been unable to do so. 

Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan, a writer told Al-Jazeera, "The thing that is recurring is that a lot of these people have underlying health conditions. They're (the British High Commission) going to have a lot of blood on their hands because there's a lot of people here with health concerns and low medical supplies.

"I am worried. I'm here with my little brother and elderly grandma, she's 83. We can stay self-isolated and go to shops. But the government advice [in Pakistan] has only just become quite serious. Even so, I don't feel confident about accessing healthcare here."

According to Al Jazeera a handful of outbound flights from Pakistan to the UK, available on Qatar Airways.  But the cost of these single flights was upwards of £1000.

Khurram Hussain, aged 28, works for the Bradford Royal Infirmary. 

He told, ‘I flew out on the March 5 to see my granddad who is really unwell with cancer and was scheduled to return on March 27. ‘Even before I flew out I checked with the British High commission in Pakistan if there was any indication flights would be cancelled, I heard nothing from them or the airline I flew with.

"I’m a clinical pathologist. The virus is spreading rapidly here and not only would I be safer in the UK, I also want to help out. ‘I’ve heard nothing from the Foreign Office or Pakistani Authorities".

"Please either charter a plane or speak with the international carriers here, we’re being asked to pay £1,500 to return in one-off emergency flights. ‘I’m lucky I can afford to pay the fees. Hundreds of others can’t. I know of at least three others who work for the NHS that are stranded out here. 

"The government is urging retired NHS workers to come back, but they should also bring back the ones who are ready and willing to help but stranded abroad."