A halal butcher has hit back at suggestions that they were to blame for the rise in meat and chicken prices this week.

Shoppers across the UK have been contacting Asian Image this week after they headed to their local stores only to find prices had been raised.

Many shoppers spoke out, calling for a boycott of their local stores who had doubled their prices and who they say have behaved irresponsibly during the coronavirus crisis.

This despite prices in the major superstores like Tesco and Asda remaining steady.

Panic buying in some stores has led to shortages of meat and chicken.

Stores have been accused of raising prices substantially more than any actual price raised by suppliers.

A beleaguered Nadeem Hussain of Harun Halal Meats in Nottingham said this was a difficult period for all and blaming butchers like him who serve their communities was not helpful.

He told us, “The real victims here are the shops like us who are being penalised.

“All slaughterhouses have raised their prices in the past week.

“I will be honest and upfront with everyone. Several weeks ago I was being charged £4.70 per kg and now I am being charged £6.80. Last week I was paying £1.35 per kg for chicken this has risen to £1.90 per kg.

“Yet, I have tried to keep my prices the same. I have never had any intention to charge my customers more.

“I think there are many other butchers like me who are trying their best.”

He also admitted that he had to pay £9,000 extra for costs and had struggled to find this money.

“I have had to pass some costs on to the customer.

“Regular customers are coming and saying what is going on? It is not me being disloyal but when the price of the product has gone up what am I to do?”