A leading halal chicken producer says they have NOT increased their prices substantially in a bid to quell rumours.

A cash and carry owner also spoke out against some stores increasing the price of chickens and other products. He also blamed suppliers for hiking prices of meat and chicken prices.

Panic buying in many parts of the UK has led to people stocking up on essential products such as atta (flour), rice and chicken.

This has led to reports of some local stores in Asian neighbourhoods charging DOUBLE the prices.

Speaking to Asian Image, Gafoor Poultry who are based in Preston and are one of the leading suppliers of halal chicken in the country said they “are not increasing any prices.”

They quelled rumours that the price of chicken had gone up and confirmed to us stating, ‘Nobody is trying to take advantage of anyone due to the coronavirus. We want to support the community.’

Earlier one cash and carry owner who did not wish to be named said people had a right to be upset with the recent price hikes, “We have been told from our supplier to take the price or leave it.

“At the moment I am charging £2.75 per chicken and it is costing me £2.60.

“This price has gone up now and our supplier is asking for more per chicken. We are basically being told take it or leave it.”

Individual stores and halal shops were being blamed for increasing the prices themselves. Elsewhere stores who were charging £4 a chicken were blaming their suppliers and saying they were simply passing the charge on to customers.

Some stores were sticking to their former prices despite demand having gone up.

Asia Continental in Blackburn were charging £6 for two chickens when we visited. At KQF Foods on Whalley Range the chicken price was set at £2.99. They had kept their prices the same as earlier.

Asian Image:

This store had clearly labelled their prices and not increased their prices.

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The Tesco Halal counter in Blackburn said they would not be getting any chicken in to the store until Friday. But they did have other products on sale at the same price as before the crisis.

Asian Image:

Rice bags were still being sold at the same price and here at Asia Continental products were still in supply.

Flour in short or no supply in stores

Customers said M Zaman and Sons store on Davenport Road in Blackburn was charging £20 for a bag of Atta.

The store owner told us this was a mistake and this would be investigated.

Asian Image:

Superstores and cash carries have no flour and here was the aisle at the Tesco Blackburn store.

Just to compare the prices here is what a bag of atta should cost.

A 10kg Elephant Atta Medium Chapatti Flour is on sale for £5 on Asda online.

Asian Image:

Kashmir Watan were selling Chamion Atta (10kg) for a reasonable £8.99 whilst the same bag was being sold for £8.69 on the akaroo.com website.

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Other local grocers confirmed they were not raising the prices and would not take advantage of the peak in demand. The price of a bag of 10kg in one store was still £8.99 and £10.99 for a bag of 25kg.

But flour was now in very short supply due to a weekend of panic buying in shops across the country.

If you have spotted a shop raising prices extortionately on household products you can WhatsApp us an image on 07968 790034 (text only).