Pupils have been protesting at a Halifax school over the dismissal of a teacher.

Teacher Yasar Mohammed had been employed at the Halifax Academy for 15 years and was said to have been dismissed this week and pupils have been protesting at the school. A further demonstration is being planned for Monday (March 16).

Videos on social media showed pupils holding up signs ‘Mr Yasar’.

A parent who did not wish to be named told Asian Image, “I have spoken to a number of parents who feel aggrieved at this decision.

 “Yasar has done so much for the community. He is a fantastic community asset who is known for his impeccable character and work within the community, including charity projects on a local, national and international level. 

“It’s an absolute joke that they have ruined the work he has done in protecting the youth from getting involved in drugs and anti-social behaviour.

“Parents and members of the public including ex-students are furious.”

Asian Image:

The parent said they had tried to complain to the school, “We have tried to and tried to ring and put our complaints in but they seem to be falling on deaf ears.”

The school has been contacted for comment.