Teenager Sahil Usman delivered a presentation entitled ‘awareness on cancer’ at a secondary achool

Sahil who has battled against the illness in the past year was at Tauheedul Islam Boys’ High School, Blackburn where he explained more about living with cancer and how it effects the life of young people.

Sahil’s project received feedback and his presentations were recognised as ‘thought provoking’ - providing new knowledge in young people.

Sahil Usman fell ill in the summer of 2018 whilst on holiday. After returning to the UK he was diagnosed with leukaemia and spent months at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Sahil said “I think communities do not talk about ‘cancer’ as much as they should, as cancer has become very common in young people. There is not a lot of awareness out there, so I think it is really important to raise awareness.”

 “I feel proud, to be raising awareness, helping organisations and schools to understand.”

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The children told how they became more aware of the struggles of young people with long term health conditions. 

Sahil added, “Thank You to all the schools and organisations who had me over me to deliver my project awareness on cancer.”

Sahil was also recently nominated for the High Sheriff of Lancashire’s Young Citizen Award for 2020.

If any organisations or schools would like to have the project delivered in their school or any parents want the project to be delivered in their child’s school, then please contact: CancerHeros@hotmail.com