Rapper and Actor, Riz Ahmed has launched his new short film, 'The Long Goodbye' which accompanies the launch of his new album of the same name. 

The film is directed by Aneil Karia and made in collaboration with WePresent, WeTransfer’s editorial platform.

The 11-minute film exposes the emotional reality for many people who feel they are not welcome in the country they call home. 

Riz said, "Many people right now feel like they’re going through a break up with their country. Aneil Karia and I wanted to make a film that takes this feeling to its conclusion.”

Ahmed expands about the film’s relation to his new album, "The record is a breakup album - but with your country. So many of us feel like we’re being dumped by the place we call home, a home that we built. It’s heartbreaking, and enraging - like the end of a toxic, abusive relationship. This album takes you on the journey of this breakup; through the stages of denial, anger, acceptance, and finally the self-love necessary to counter the hate.”

Holly Fraser, Editor in Chief of WePresent said, "At WePresent we strive to commission creative work that is personal and representative, that leaves an imprint, and that can start important conversations.

"The Long Goodbye does exactly that. It is imperative watching, and while it speaks to those of us feeling unheard and disillusioned in Britain, it resonates with global audiences too. The film speaks to the human issues at the heart of politics and society and we are honoured to be working with Riz Ahmed on a project as powerful as this."

The film premiered on WePresent here, accompanied by an interview with Riz Ahmed and Director, Aneil Karia and behind-the-scenes pictures of the filming process.