The RUMAH festival aims to meet the increasing demand for space, representation from the Asian diaspora. 

In the inaugural edition of RUMAH Fest on March 21 organisers will transform the space into an eclectic playground of provocations, workshops, communal lunch, bite size performances and a closing music party.

The festival is divided into 3 segments:

Main - Main (Play & Slay) 3 different workshops to choose from 

+ Learn traditional stitch resist tie-dye techniques from the Bai ethnic minority group in Yunnan with Yi Crafts. Bai stitch resist tie-dye known as 'ZhaRan' in Chinese and 'Shibori' in Japanese is a traditional craft of the Bai ethnic minority group in Yunnan, southern China. This craft has existed for over 1000 years and is still practiced today. £10

+ Play with 'food' and imagine what ‘wonderfullness’ taste like with Zing Yang . 
In this hour workshop, get crafty and photogenic with food from your own heritage, using objects and non-food materials like slime and glitter. £10 

+ Learn how to make LUSH ’s popular Comforter bubble bar and their Big Blue bath bombs. Did you know that the Big Blue bath bomb has traditional Asian ingredients ? Learn the benefits of bathing, small ways we can take care of ourselves in such a busy city and discuss cheap and cheerful ways to relieve anxiety. All of this in relation to cosmetics! £10

Makan Berdamai / Food For Thought 

+ Feed your appetite with Fun-Thai-Inspired sharing plates by Ugly Supper Club . Menu includes Raw Beef Larb, Torched sugar snaps, Smoked cashew Gado Gado “Toss Salad”, Rice, Burmese Style Aubergine and Beef Cheek Curry with wild ginger. £25 

+ Then nourish your mind and discuss how should Post-Brexit Britain looks at Multiculturalism and what it is like to be an Asian Artist in London today! Join the participatory panel discussions with Ketna Patel, a highly prolific British-Indian multi media artist, Hi Ching, a multi-disciplinary artists & Yulodsh Juraboev , Artistic Director of Orzu Arts, the first Central Asian Theatre Company in Europe. This participatory panel will be facilitated by Kaleya Baxe . Participants will get into small groups with the panel playing as table host to note down discussion and thoughts from the room. FREE with registration

+ Wind down after an intense discussion with Mendü, who will take you on a journey of transition, healing and self exploration that will connect you to yourself and others and give you the tools you need moving forward. Have a deep chat with your tribe and feel empowered! FREE with registration.

Asian Image:

Kelab Malam / A Night Of Performances £8 / £12

A night of bite size dance, spoken word and performance pieces that challenges and speaks about culture, identity & heritage . This is Not A Solo Dance by Yun Collective is a performative drawing solo inspired by Chinese calligraphy. The Masti of Melody by Marissa Khaos and music accompanied by Michael Rabimsha on the berimbau focus on the echo of war, it's lingering violence, and the spiritual journey towards emancipation of a woman, an outsider, and a rebel.

Lastly, Who Took My Malay Away? by Mohamad Faizal Abdullah, reflects on the protagonist’s culture and especially Jawi, the Arabic script that the Malay people used to write and read with. 

Closing off the party is DJ Arya Rinaldo from Jakarta, who is now based in London, spinning Nusantara disco sounds and an Improv Comedy set by ComediAsians, UK’s first all Asian improv troupe dedicated to celebrating Asian performers in London.

Festival Date 21 March 2020
Times 10.30am-10.30pm
Location 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA
Venue RICH MIX, The Mix, Level 4
Box Office Various Programe Tickets available from Rich Mix Box Office

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This inaugural festival is supported by our crowdfunders :
Adam Porret, Minjing Liao, Henry Moss, Laura Aiton,Larissa I Nugroho,Trina Haldar, Windson Liong, Angelina Chudi, Late. Dmello , Faezah Zulkifli , Euginia Low, Angie Pena-arenas & Morgan Lloyd Malcolm and Supported by RICH MIX & IGNITE FUND