A graduate launched her Spring/Summer 2020 collection at a Manchester Lifestyle exhibition.

Tabassum Dasu graduated from UCLan with a degree in Fashion Design. Her new collection embraces themes of nature, botanic and gardens. 

Tabassum explains how she created her latest fashion line, "It is a very feminine collection created around soft movement, comfort and luxury. 

"From the sleeves to the way the dress falls, every detail is an enchantment of the way a flower blooms and the summer skies. 

"It is a contemporary take on a floral collection as I have not used the colour green at all. Instead I substituted it with a bright blue for a modern twist."

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Asian Image:

The inspiration for this collection, Tabassum said, came from her own admiration of parks and gardens.

"I wanted to touch upon spring and summer in a modern way with delicate textures, bright colours and lightness in fabrics. 

"The fabrics chosen consist of net and satin to give a graceful and elegant drape created in mind to suit all types of body figures. 

"Fragile hand stitching was done on several outfits which took hours after hours but the end effect was very alluring."

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Tabassum was one of the very few students to showcase their final collection at London Graduate Fashion Week in June 2019.   

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The collection was unveiled at the Asian Lifestyle Expo held at INTU Trafford Centre.

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She is currently working on her next catwalk, organised by UCLan where she will presenting simple silhouettes aiming to create a modest street wear collection. 

This will be showcased on 28th March in Burnley in a show featuring the work of other talented designers.