Two Asian female councillors have been deselected for being 'too independently minded' it has been claimed.

Saima Afzal and Maryam Batan who were elected in 2018 lodged complaints about how the selection was run and how they were treated when they were dropped on 7 February.

It is believed the local party wanted someone who women who would "toe the line".

The Labour Party said proper procedures were not followed and the selection process was to be re-run on Friday.

The two stood for re-selection by the Blackburn Labour party but two other Asian women were chosen to replace them for the forthcoming the local elections in May.

A spokesperson for the NW Labour party told the BBC the selection process would be re-run on Friday as "procedures were not followed".

Supporters of the two councillors believe they have been victims of misogyny by a group of older Asian men within the Blackburn Labour party because the two women were independent-minded.