Being a single Asian woman in her thirties is by no means an easy feat. 

One has to contend with the emotional blackmail from family as well as the taunting jibes from family friends to the abrasive tones of unsolicited advice.

Whilst people might mean well, there are certain things a single Asian woman does NOT want to hear:

1. By the time I was your age I already had 3 children.
2. Only divorced men or widowers will agree to marry you.
3. Stop being so fussy.
4. Maybe you should eat less.
5. You should change your image.
6. You’ll only be able to have 1 child if you leave it this late.
7. I’ll make dua for you.
8. Maybe your kismat is to stay single.
9. This is the problem with ‘modern girls.’
10. Your poor mother…