A driver has shared the story of how he helped to save an elderly man’s life.

He said the incident had changed his perspective on life and now wanted to urge others to learn First Aid.

Asghar Mahmood, aged 37 said he was driving along Saint Mary’s Way in the town on January 2 when he saw a man who had collapsed.

He said, “I spotted him on the opposite side so I carried out a U-turn (before Rock Street turning) to face Yorkshire Street.

“I got out to investigate and found an elderly gentlemen on the floor along with two people, a lady who was on the phone to the ambulance and a man who had put him in the recovery position.

“I quickly rushed to check his pulse and realised it was very weak. He wasn’t breathing and his face was very pale, almost blue. I also checked his tongue to make sure it hadn’t rolled back.

“The lady who was liaising with the ambulance was instructed that CPR needs to be carried out ASAP.

“I got on my knees, said ‘Bismillah’ and put my hands together. With the help of the call handler I started to carry out CPR."

Asghar who works as an Engagement Worker at the Youth Justice Service said he could hear the ambulance from afar and after the emergency services arrived they asked him to continue with the CPR whilst they set up the defibrillator.

“They cut open his clothes and stuck the pads and asked us to clear. They shocked him and Alhamdulillah with the will of God he seemed to show a better pulse.

“The ambulance put him on the stretcher and took him away.

"I got up and looked at the lady and man who were present and gave them both a big hug and congratulated them for staying calm and supporting each other.”

He said the incident felt surreal, knowing that he had saved someone’s life.

“It’s one of the most exhilarating and gratifying experiences of my life.

“If I had never done First Aid training, I don’t think I would have known what to do. I would highly recommend a basic First Aid course, or at the very least watching some YouTube tutorials.

“You never know when you could use it. I have been in contact with family of the man who has one daughter and a 13-year-old grandchild who really loves him.

“He is recovering well Alhamdulillah and will be out soon. The family are very private and have kindly asked me not to mention any names or tag anyone.”

He added, "Islam teaches us to help others.

"I just want to say... If I can save a life then anyone can save a life."