A 95 -year-old Holocaust survivor paid a visit to a secondary school, where he revealed his miraculous story of how he survived.

Harry Olmer, who was born in Poland, met with year 8 and 9 pupils from Chigwell School, earlier this month.

During his visit, Mr Olmer recounted how The British Red Cross took him and several rescued Jewish teenagers to Lake Windermere, where they recuperated throughout World War Two.

He was separated from the rest of his family when he was taken to his first labour camp in Skarzysko Kamienne.

Here he lied about his age to avoid execution for being too young, therefore useless in the production of ammunition for German troops.

Mr Olmer was then transported to two more concentration camps, Teresienstadt and Buchenwald, where eventually the British Army liberated him.

Later he pursued a career as a dentist and became a father and a grandfather.

A statement from Chigwell School said: “Mr Olmer is physically fragile yet he is almost unbeatable in his passion for reflection, for tolerance and for the futility of hate.

“He is a victorious man who proved that despite being subjected to incomprehensible cruelty, you can go on living if you work hard, if you forgive and if you have a goal."

History teacher, Mrs Teresa Kwiecinska commented that it was an honour to host the 95-year-old at Chigwell School.