A moving drama ‘A Kind of People’ discusses issues many could relate to in modern day Britain, says Athina Kollakidou.

Evidence might show that multiculturalism is embraced however, in this excellent production we can see a more honest aspect of the effects of racism. Moreover, ‘A Kind of People’ expands to other relevant topics of this generation – such as class and money. 

Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti creates seven complex yet realistic characters that are relatable to the current generation. 

'A Kind of People' portrays the struggle of a working – class couple who are trying to move out of their council flat, build a better life for themselves and subsequently provide a better future for their children. 

Richie Campbell and Louise Cordwell, who play the roles of Gary and Nicky are a lovely married couple with children. They have been going steady since high school. 

Now Gary's up for a promotion so that he can finally lift his family out of their council housing and give Nicky everything he's ever wanted.

The play begins at Gary’s and Nicky’s house. They are having a birthday party for Gary’s close friend Mark and suddenly Victoria, Gary’s boss, shows up uninvited. Once the others are enjoying and having fun at the party, Victoria has gotten drunk. 

During the party, she makes insulting and racial gestures towards Gary.   

Even though she apologies for her behaviour Gary was convinced that Victoria is racist as she made similar comments in the past. Gary’s assumptions became true after working for a decade as an electrical engineer and having failed to be promoted as a team leader at work

Victoria decided to promote someone who was less qualified, triggering Gary’s anger and ultimately causing a huge impact on the family’s well-being.

Michaels Buffong’s excellent and well executed production, emphasises on the not so equal hierarchical environment that we currently live in. 

This is a great play exposing social realism and a must watch.

A Kind of People is on at the Royal Court Theatre until January 18.

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By Athina Kollakidou