Waterproof Wudu Socks produced by a Bolton company are now being sold to Muslims across the world.

The DAKY socks are said to be alternative to the leather Khuffain which is traditionally worn by some Muslims, as they are required to wipe over them instead of washing the entire foot.

The company says these waterproof non-leather khuffain are completely compliant with Islamic rulings. They are now being sold in Canada, USA, Australia, Trinidad, Zambia and across Europe.

Ismail Sidat who initially discussed the idea with his partner told us, “We usually find ourselves rushing for prayer, especially in the winter months when one salah is quickly followed by another. 

“For your average 9 to 5 office worker, it becomes really cumbersome to go and do Wudu in the workplace washroom, especially washing the feet in the small sink. Not to mention the fact that your in a rush as time is ticking away for prayer and others are waiting to use the sink after you. 

“Furthermore, you end up putting your wet feet back into your shoes making your shoes all damp and soggy, tip-toeing out of the washroom with your pants rolled half way up your calves while of course, leaving a messy wet floor behind. 

“The leather Khuffain have been the only solution to this issue, and they’ve been around for centuries and they will be around long after we are gone, but unfortunately the ones we have today are not ideal in the busy corporate, business world.”

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With this in mind they decided to produce a sock that would solve the issue for Muslims in the modern world.

Mr Sidat, Co-founder of DAKY International said, “Our socks are completely waterproof and they have been rigorously tested by Scholars to ensure that they abide by all the rulings according to Islam. 

“We wanted to produce something 100% authentic and 100% shariah compliant.”

He added, “Our team designs every one of our socks here in the UK and we’re continually striving to improve our products. One important strategy we adopt is to take feedback from consumers and use this feedback to make positive changes to our products. 

“For example, we have over-ankle socks for women and summer wear as this was what our customers were asking for; and we duly obliged. We are also the only waterproof designer socks with anti-slip grip technology.”

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Mr Sidat said the response from customers had been positive, “Alhumdullilah we are now getting a lot of interest from the outdoor sports community. Our socks are ideal for all outdoor activities including hiking, walking, cycling, angling, trekking, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, abseiling etc. 

The company said they will soon be selling other products such as DAKY Pashminas, DAKY Wallets and DAKY Shoes in the new year.