AN ENTREPRENEURIAL 15-year-old is bringing unusual sweets from across the world to Bradford after opening his own shop.

Ibrahim Ali first started making moves in the business world as a seller on eBay before his parents handed him the keys to the family’s empty shop unit.

The GCSE student, who has connections in the sweet-making industry, sells popular treats and fun cereals from countries like America and China - even tracking down Cadbury’s rare orange Twirls.

But it isn’t an easy task as he balances studying at school with running his shop, Snacks ‘R’ Us, in Girlington - open seven days a week.

The business-minded pupil, who works on weekends after finishing his maths tuition, has employed the help of his auntie Zatoon and friends for weekday sales.

The teenager told the Telegraph & Argus: “I got inspired, I was on Instagram and I’d seen a shop in Birmingham which is a similar city to ours. I wanted to open up my own to see if I could do it.

“I was happy my mum and dad wanted to support me and they really helped me.”

The Gen Z business owner has turned to social media to promote his shop, mainly using Snapchat to build a presence.

Explaining some of the products on offer, he said: “American Cheetos; Chocomel from Holland - that’s quite popular; Sour Patch Kids, they’re quite popular.

“It’s quite successful because we are getting lots of customers in.

“The Instagram hasn’t kicked off but the Snapchat, we’ve got a few on there.”

The new shop is no surprise to his father, Hassan Ali, who says his son has dreamt of owning his own business from an early age.

“He’s always been into selling bits and bobs on eBay for a couple of years but this time he decided to import some sweets in and now he’s got his own shop,” Mr Ali explained.

Mr Ali believes his son’s success is due to looking at the “positives” and economic potential that Bradford has.

The proud dad said: “He’s quite self confident.

“He knows where to look and how to get the goods. That’s what most people struggle with. Whatever the thing is he finds somewhere to get it from.

“He’s motivated himself. He’s not looking at the downfalls, he’s looking at the positives."

And while he’s “confident” in running his shop, he still battles shyness in his everyday life.

Mr Ali added: “He’s not a person who talks a lot but he’s self confidence in what he wants to do.

“He’s got some funding from me and his Mum. His grandmother’s helped him a little bit and we had a family premises and he said he wanted to take it on.”

But for now, Ibrahim is aiming for top grades in BTEC business, Maths, English and Science.