A video urging members of the Indian community to vote Conservative has been ridiculed for being 'cringeworthy' and 'embarrassing'.

Others said the video which calls for people to back Boris Johnson was akin to 'taking us back to the time of the British Raj'.

The video features a range of pro-Conservative slogans with films of Boris Johnson and background Indian song similar to those played in soaps, stating, 'We have save this country....we have to make make Boris Johnson win."

It then goes on to claim to criticise Jeremy Corbyn.

People were brutally honest with it being compared to iconic 'The Kapoors' characters from Goodness Gracious Me series where two couples try their best to be British with hilarious consequences.

Sayeeda Warsi said on Twitter, "Pardon? Do British Indians need a Hindi song set to melodious Bollywood tunes to encourage them to vote for us? Are we back in the British Raj? "I’m sure we can just canvass them and send them leaflets like we do “non British Indians “ "Give me strength ."

Darshan Sanghrajka (@chiefchimpanzee) posted, "Also...who the heck made that video? It’s embarrassing beyond belief. The lyrics are awful, the melody is ridiculous, & the editing looks like it’s been done by Boris’s hair. Have some self respect...at least pay for a proper producer to polish the lies into a quality piece."

Rodney posted, "Don't actually know what's worse. This video, the song used in the video, the person who made the video or the person who composed the song. Get in the bin mate."

Rudi (@rrichter17) posted, "Descendants of immigrants voting against immigrants. Lunacy."

User 'Monsignor it's all Corbyn's fault', said, "Goodness gracious, how patronising...dis Zac Goldsmith commission this?" Others couldn't understand why anyone would even attempt to put this video together in the first place,