A brother and sister are launching the world’s first Prophetic story book series featuring sign language.

Amin and Yasmin have launched a campaign to raise funds for the World’s first prophetic story book series featuring sign language along with developing a unique digital app named iSAY.

The siblings have published the world’s first Islamic sign language book which has successfully been sold in over 40 different countries. 

Earlier this year they also launched a ground-breaking app to complement their work

During their journey and interactions with members of the deaf community and their families, they realised the growing concern and limited access globally for deaf friendly Islamic educational resources.

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A statement read, "We want to bridge the communication gap by creating new animations of Islamic signs and conversational signs that will help improve everyday interactions of deaf Muslims and the wider public.

"Pause for a moment and ask yourself for a how many books do you have at home that feature sign language illustrations that are suitable for the deaf community? Most probably you have answered zero!

"Storytelling is important because it is effective at teaching in a way that people can easily remember, and at helping people relate to one another. Storytelling is different than story reading with books because you have to create a whole story through your imagination."

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The new prophetic storybooks are the first of a kind featuring Adam (AS), Nuh (AS), Ibrahim (AS), Isa (AS), Muhammad (PBUH) and they have been illustrated featuring signs and carefully tailored sentences to deliver a fun, enriching and inclusive reader experience.

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