A DESSERT restaurant has suffered its second break-in just three months after it first opened its doors.

Heavenly Desserts on Deansgate had its window smashed in the early hours of Monday, December 2. The restaurant said that a man then climbed through a hole in the window and walked around the premises.

Manager Nav Shah said that the police were called by workers at a bank nearby after the man tripped an alarm, who then arrived and arrested him.

He added: "It will cost us £1500 to replace the window and it cost £1200 the first time.

"It's very frustrating.We've got a Christmas tree up and people suggested we put fake presents under it but we're worried they'd get taken."

Mr Shah said that he is currently waiting for police to tell him what happened to the man.

The restaurant opened up in September with a huge VIP welcoming party, which included the Mayor of Bolton.