A small cast makes, intimate setting and some deeply touching moments make Rukhsana Ahmad's 'Homing Birds' a memorable watch. Reviewed by ATHINA KOLLAKIDOU.

The play centres on the lives of a number of individuals who have all been through the same experiences. 

It includes different emotions and beliefs relating to war, politics, family and women’s rights. 

Here, young Afghan refugee Saeed sets off on a journey of self-discovery wants to find his long-lost sister so leaves his adoptive family in London and returns home to Kabul to work as a doctor.

To me this production had a deeper meaning as it embraced a modern society by acknowledging life circumstances and feelings anyone can relate to, such as people trying to find where they belong and subsequently were it feels safer and comfortable.

Jay Varsani who played the role of Saeed was incredible in portraying an Afghan refugee who wants to recoonect with his roots and was extremenly convincing in transfering these emotions to the audience.

Asian Image:

Jay Varsani and Suzanne Ahmet in Homing Birds from Kali Theatre (Picture: Robert Day)

With the consultancy of Nushin Arbabzadah, Suzanne Ahmet and Mona Khalili both depicted Afghan women and how they live in a conservative society with repressed feelings and emotions. 

My favourite scene was those of Saeed was leaving from Afghanistan. He expressed his eagerness for Nazneen and her children to go back to London with him but, she was determine to stay and make a change for Afghan women who live in silence and pain for important issues such as young marriages.

The lighting, designed by Tanya Stephenson, intended to set the mood. During the memory play scenes, the lighting changed and saw the stage dimmed thus drawing our attentions to the actors. 

This play made me reflect on choices in life and facts of the human condition. With a great script and director, atmospheric lighting and skilful acting it was definitely memorable.

The production marks Kali Theatre’s first production at Tara Theatre – two pivotal multicultural companies joining forces for the first time.

Venue: Tara Theatre, 356 Garratt Lane, Earlfield, London, SW18 4ES
Dates + times: 26 November – 7 December at 7.30pm; 7 December at 3pm
Tickets: £17.50 / £13.50
Box office: 020 8333 4457 / tara-arts.com