In a poll of voters conducted on Friday and Saturday, 58% of those that have decided how to vote say they will vote Labour.

Twenty-seven per cent will vote Conservative and 8% Liberal Democrats with 15% remain undecided says the Sikh Federation UK.

The Sikh community is said to have one of the highest turnouts of any community at election time. 

In total 150 constituencies have been identified where there are at least 1,000 Sikh constituents and candidates have been sent the Sikh Manifesto 2020-2025 produced by the Sikh Network.  

In the poll of 1,100 Sikh voters conducted over a 24-hour period following the final leaders debate on Friday evening Sikh voters were asked to provide reasons for their voting intentions.

Among the reasons emerging why so many Sikhs may vote Labour rather than Conservative on Thursday.  

1) Delivering Sikh MPs also able to represent the Sikh community
Before the General Election was called Labour had two Sikh MPs, Preet Kaur Gill the first Sikh woman MP and Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi the first turban wearing Sikh MP while the Conservatives had no Sikh MPs.  Preet and Tanmanjeet have worked tirelessly since being elected in June 2017 in terms of serving their constituents and creating a public profile of effectively representing their constituents and the Sikh community.  

2) Focus on Sikh specific issues by political parties and Sikh candidates
References in the main Labour Party manifesto to an apology to the worldwide Sikh community for the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre in Amritsar in 1919 and an independent inquiry and wider review into UK involvement in the 1984 Sikh Genocide appear to have consolidated the Sikh vote.  

Additional references to addressing Sikh hate crimes and safeguarding Sikh articles of faith in Labour’s Race and Faith Manifesto and Jeremy Corbyn’s endorsement of the Sikh Manifesto has put the Conservative Party on the back foot and at a disadvantage.  

3) Properly dealing with racism and hate towards Sikhs
The Sikh poll suggests the issue of racism and hate towards Sikhs may be a key factor why Labour is ahead of the Conservatives when it comes to Sikh voters.  Those polled not only expressed concerns about anti-Semitism and the influence of the far left in the Labour Party, but serious doubts about the numerous past comments of Boris Johnson.  

4) Can Boris Johnson be trusted on Brexit, the NHS and dealing with racism and the far right and clarity on Labour leadership after Jeremy Corbyn
The final issue which emerged from the Sikh poll that could be a key deciding factor in the next few days with the entire electorate is one of trust.  Some of those polled said they did not think Boris Johnson could be trusted with regards to Brexit, the NHS and dealing with racism and the far right.  

Some of those polled also used the opportunity to make the point that Jeremy Corbyn was unpopular and not trusted by the electorate in general and if the Labour Party could deliver clarity on the future leadership after Jeremy Corbyn in the next few days this could make all the difference on Thursday.