When did it become OK for our proud national press to simply churn out party political broadcasts on a daily basis?

We are in this weird place where the ruling government has complete an utter control over sections of the newsprint media.

There are reporters in offices thinking to themselves whether there was any point getting a journalism qualification. Instead all they're tasked to do was find an original way of NOT questioning the leader.

The leader is all knowing. The leader can never make any mistakes. And if the leader does make any mistakes then we need to find a way of making it seem like he didn’t mean it.

Now, normally election campaigns have their fair share of debate and discussion. This time round we have the Mail, Express, Daily Telegraph and The Sun doing their best not to find any faults in Boris Johnson.

And I am sure many will agree it is becoming almost amusing seeing them find new ways to put a glowing angle on his every move.

Now, I am not fan of any particular party and I would have made a really poor politician but haven’t the last few weeks been a little strange? It is like being in some strange dystopia where the general public get drip-fed the same alarming stories but embellished with new pictures and headlines.

I admit in this country we have always had partisan news print media at election time but recently it has got a little ridiculous.

I know full well not everyone reads these newspapers and at a recent school discussion not one person put their hand when asked if they read a newspaper, but they clearly have an effect on people’s consciousness.

At what point did it become fine to ignore the obvious? Have we become so obsessed with not wanting to let the ‘other side’ win that we will do and say anything to make sure our boy comes out smelling of roses.

I do call on my fellow journalists to maybe just try asking some questions for a change rather than reading from the script.

But then again another part of me really wants to see the front pages for Friday December 13 and see who comes up with the best Corbyn Friday the 13th horror movie front page or Boris with a Santa hat on? Come on you know it is happening.