Footage of an imam making false allegations of paedophilia and bemoaning "bullshit" LGBT equality teaching was among evidence used to apply for a wider protest exclusion zone around Anderton Park school.

Video clips shown to a High Court judge at Birmingham's Civil Justice Centre last month also included one of a female campaigner berating the school's efforts to promote tolerance as an "atrocity".

The footage, released by Birmingham City Council after judgment was handed down on Tuesday, shows lead protester Shakeel Afsar introducing the imam, named in court as Mullah Bahm, asking onlookers to give him a round of applause and then helping him with the microphone.

During the speech, the imam, from Batley in West Yorkshire, tells a crowd including young children gathered near Anderton Park's main gates: "We are very tolerant - but not to this bullshit."

After claiming people of faith are seen as "nutcases" and that people of no faith have the upper hand, the preacher showed a series of pictures - including one of a gingerbread man - supposedly being used in equality teaching.

He then tells the crowd: "There are paedophiles in there. This is a paedophilia agenda. What are you telling our children? That a boy can be a girl?

"Is that what you are going to teach them? And you want us to tolerate it?"

After criticising people supposedly earning up to £500,000 a year for formulating LGBT equality policies, the imam says the protesters have a lot more to do.

He then says of Anderton Park: "It starts from here and it's going to finish here, and it's going to finish here for the nation."

As well as video showing how loudly the protests could be heard both inside Anderton Park school and in its grounds, the court was presented with clips of a woman claiming children were being taught to touch themselves inappropriately.

In one of the videos, the woman, standing in a street near the school but outside of an interim exclusion zone, tells a smaller crowd of onlookers: "What is this abomination being taught to our children... it is a corruption of society as we know it.

"The hands of innocent children are being taught to fornicate themselves. And it's abomination. It is important to have the right to have our children to be removed from such atrocities."

During last month's week-long hearing, Jonathan Manning, representing the city council, submitted that a positive relationship between parents and the school, highlighted by Ofsted in 2017, had been disrupted by "confrontational" protests and "totally irresponsible" social media campaigning.

Inviting the court to extend an existing ban on protests to two further areas of land on a road near the school, Mr Manning said: "It's clear that the conduct in question is such as to satisfy the definition of anti-social behaviour and public nuisance."

By Matthew Cooper