A Manchester woman is hoping to raise £50,000 to fund urgent cancer treatment.

Shamsa Araf has set up a Go Fund Me page where she details her ongoing battle with cancer.  Over £13,500 has been pledged within four days.

She said, "I have always been a very private person and don't normally take to social media to post on matters, however I felt like this time it was an exception as it was the only way I could envisage achieving my goal of £50,000+ to get the urgent treatment i so desperately need.

"The amount is dependent on how well I respond to treatments thus I'll know more as and when I get the results. 

"I may potentially need further treatments if I don't respond as well as I should."

Shamsa told how for over 10 years she had had ongoing health issues from pnuemonia, kidney and liver infections, gastro issues, auto immune diseases and a whole host of other unexplained  symptoms. 

With no cure on the NHS or a proper diagnosis her health gradually worsened culminating to sepsis at the end of 2017. 

Upon further investigation she was diagnosed with Lymphoma bulk disease in February 2018. The disease spread very quickly and she says she was given days to live. 

She began immediate treatment (chemotherapy) and responded well, "With that said the chances of me pulling through chemotherapy were very slim and thus became a primary concern for my consultants at the time and for the future. 

"Had I not responded well or should the cancer return I would need to undergo a more aggressive form of chemotherapy and the concern then was/is whether I would make it through the treatment itself. 

Shamsa was admitted into hospital and kept in isolation on constant IV antibiotics to prevent infection.

She said, "I became so malnourished I was drip fed around the clock, bled fainted and needed blood transfusions and much more. 

"All these complications stemmed from my past medical history. Nevertheless by the Grace of God i was granted the all clear in march 2019. 

"However only 4 months later I'm now having to undergo cancer treatment abroad (a more manageable treatment not available on the NHS) which I cannot afford. 

"Needless to say I was distraught and almost gave up. 

"In a panic as to where I could turn or how i will even begin to raise the amount I need as despite mine and my family's best efforts we were not able to afford/raise the amount required. 

"It wasn't until a friend suggested starting a fundraising page so I didn't hesitate to think twice and felt as time is of the essence I fought to take the leap of faith and appeal to the kind nature of everyone to help in anyway possible. 

"Whether that be by simply sharing my link, offering words of support, a heartfelt prayer and of course donating whatever little you can albeit a few pence to help me achieve my goal. I don't have words to express what it'll mean. 

"I'll be forever grateful and indebted to your generosity. "

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