Nigel Farage’s candidate in Glasgow North has been accused of Islamophobia by one of the country’s leading anti-racist organisations.

Hope Not Hate say the Brexit Party’s Dionne Cocozza has frequently shared posts on her social media that portray Muslims as “inherently violent and a threat to the rest of the population”.

Labour and the SNP have criticised the Eurosceptic.

The investigation by the group followed a report in the Glasgow University student newspaper, the Glasgow Guardian.

Cocozza yesterday deleted her Twitter account.

Just two weeks ago the candidate shared a number of posts by the far-right Politicalite website claiming there was a planned Muslim “takeover”.

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While in October 2018 Cocozza shared a tweet suggesting that “Germany will become African and Islamic if mass migration isn’t stopped” from Voice of Europe, a large Islamophobic website and Twitter account which often publishes well-known far-right activists.

Hope Not Hate believes Cocozza has a “strong belief” that white people are being discriminated against.

In one tweet highlighted by the group, Cocozza claimed “there’s mosk [sic] schools underground in UK”.

This ended up in a debate with a now-deleted Twitter account. After having backtracked on her first statement, she ends her last tweet saying “You can’t say anything if your [sic] white 2019”.

Neither Cocozza nor the Brexit Party responded to requests for a comment.

The Brexit Party have already lost one of the 16 Scottish election candidates announced just last week.

Victor Robert Farrell, an evangelical pastor from Methil, was kicked out after claiming to be at “war” with LGBT people.