Yesterday, Maajid Nawaz didn’t take too kindly to comedian Tez Ilyas endorsing Jeremy Corbyn the Labour leader.

What followed was a strange number of tweets which seemed to link Tez to a charity which has alleged links with Hamas. Okay, let me re-phrase that. Supporting a charity through performances to raise money for a UK charity with obscure links to Hamas.

He begins by telling us that Tez has supported Human Appeal International at events. Yes, and?

Alleging, ‘Human Appeal charity that FBI says has “close links” to terrorist Hamas’. The link takes us to an article by Andrew Gilligan for the Telegraph from 2015.

Is this the same Human Appeal International which recently launched the ‘Wrap Up’ Manchester project which invites people to donate their used coats to be redistributed to homeless people across the UK? An event launched by Andy Burnham, Mayor of Manchester. Must be.

His beef with ‘Islamist’ MEND continues and he decides to tell his followers that Tez is 'headlined' for the Muslim organisation. How? He attended one of their events. 

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi and a whole host of Muslim media personalities also attended the event. 

Next, a link to a comedy event which features a range of…well comedians. Again, this is in support of Human Appeal International. 

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Here Maajid claims, “Another name for Human Appeal is 101 Days, both are designated as terrorist funders of Hamas by FBI” with the link taking us to list of charities supporting Palestine.”

Go to the link and also listed are Islamic Relief and Muslim Aid.

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When it is pointed out that the Jewish Chronicle had to apologise and pay damages  to Human Appeal International for linking them to terrorism Maajid decided it might be good to tell his followers.

He posted, “Regarding the above thread & below image, allow me to reassure all, and specifically Jews: I’ve not accused Human Appeal of being “designated as a terrorist organisation”...because it’s not. Please strictly adhere to my wording & facts, and you’ll remain on the right side legally.”

What to make of this baseless claim then?  “Another name for Human Appeal is 101 Days, both are designated as terrorist funders of Hamas by FBI”. 

He then decides to post this message several times almost begging for a response. “Hi, @tezilyas please explain why you posted this antisemitic chant “from the river to the sea”? Do you wish to destroy Israel and drive its jews from the river Jordan all the way into the Mediterranean sea?”

Tez is at an event sharing the stage with Nelson Mandela’s son.

And Maajid isn’t finished yet. He goes on, “I remember when comedians used to be liberal, secular and humanist. Now the BBC and the Corbynista far-left seem to be promoting anti-Israel tribal Muslims, thinking it somehow ‘cool and edgy’ or ‘bold and brave’.”

That should teach any other outspoken Muslim wanting to endorse a political figure or say anthing remotely contrary to your own opinion. If you can’t belittle them with obscure links then go after the BBC. Man. That’s just low.

Meanwhile, Tez had this to say, “Remember, anyone can smear you with anything on this hellsite.

“You don’t have to indulge or acknowledge batshit crazy accusations.

“These bullying cranks are not entitled to your time or intellect... especially when their profile doesn’t even have their real name or profile pic  

“I will speak on one thing... Anytime I have ever brought up antisemitism, I have done so, stating it is wrong. AND I only compare it to Islamophobia, to amplify the dearth of coverage Islamophobia gets from the media, NOT in the seriousness of the issue. Both are equally awful.”

And it went on. Here, somehow Maajid seems to tie himself in knots when called out by a Jewish Comedian.

@BenVanDerVelde said, “Oh Maajid, mate. Tez is many irritating things (effortless funny and well dressed, a Blackburn Rovers fan) but he's not an anti-Semite. Yours, A Jewish comedian who happily works with him, with and without inverted commas.

“Okay. Point three: you have accused Tez of anti-semitism. I have known and worked with him for almost a decade. In my estimation as a human and a Jew, I don't think Tez is an anti-Semite.”

To which Maajid replied,  “I haven’t accused him of that. Re-read.”

So, that was a waste of a whole afternoon then?

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