A CREATIVE law student explains how she uses a fruit-based ink to create realistic-looking tattoos. 

Raisham Qazi from Blackburn draws impressive rose designs with red stains to replicate tattoos.

Using jagua ink which is dark black or with hints of blue instead of the traditional red and orange, the 20-year-old creates impressive floral henna-inspired tattoo designs.

Miss Qazi said: “I use jagua which is fruit based, it’s all-natural ingredients.

“It’s a bit more modern and I wanted to do something different that nobody else was doing.

“It’s definitely very popular now, because I think especially in the Asian community it’s like an alternative to getting a tattoo, and because it’s black people like it more.”

“As soon as you apply jagua, it stains immediately so there really isn’t any room for mistakes.”

Jagua ink is often mistaken for black henna, but black henna is extremely harmful and illegal in the UK as it can cause severe skin burns.

But, jagua gel comes from the jagua fruit growing in Central and South America and is 100% natural.

The ink lasts around three weeks but takes two days for the colour to reach the peak and must be left on for a minimum of three hours after application.

Miss Qazi started by learning first how to apply traditional henna.

She said: “When I was young, a lot of aunties would come around and apply henna on me, it was a traditional thing.

“I loved it and started to do it on myself whenever I could.

“Then my family told me I should start a business because they liked my designs.

“At the beginning I was nervous, but I have built up my confidence, and come into my own style.

“Not a lot of people do this type of henna and since it’s temporary, you can get a tattoo without committing to one full time.”

The law student’s most popular design is the rose with red stains, one which received a lot of love on Instagram.

She added: “I did not think I was artistic at all, until I started doing it.

“Since the red stain roses are so popular I will be looking to release more colours into the new year.”

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