A graduate has launched a new fashion collection using sustainable and recyclable material. 

Tabassum Dasu who recently graduated from UCLan with a degree in Fashion Design, was one of the very few students to showcase their final collection at London Graduate Fashion Week in June 2019. 

The collection, ‘in-between the folds’, was inspired by Tabassum’s Indian heritage and represents hidden stories of personal experience, heritage and childhood.

Tabassum said, “My collection is pre-occupied with a sense of place, absorbing the atmosphere of architecture, shapes and the wisdom of personal stories written within them. 

“Traditional cultures are visible through details and embellishments. It includes many forgotten memories with a creative twist.”

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The idea for her collection also stems from Tabassum’s childhood love of origami which she says allowed her to be unique with her material choice. 

“Shapes and silhouettes were inspired by architecture with a contemporary manipulation of origami. I also used traditional techniques such as hand embroidery using paper raffia. 

“Screen-printing techniques were also used to gain a handmade aesthetic feel, also inspired by traditional Indian techniques.”

The collection is described as ‘a clash of traditional meeting the west with a contemporary outcome’. Using bold and bright paper instead of fabric, making the clothes sustainable and recyclable, Tabassum also implemented a ‘zero waste’ technique to ensure every piece of paper was used, leaving no waste.

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(Fashion pictures by Rod Leon and Jade Berry)

She added: “After much research, trial and error, the outcome for the collection was something beyond my imagination. 

“A lot of layering was used overall to achieve full coverage of the body. The undergarments were made of Lycra and jersey, inspired by sports and comfort.”

Tabassum’s next collection will be showcased at a catwalk in February 2020 at the Trafford Centre.