'Silently Hoping' by playwright Iskandar R. Sharazuddin looks at what it means to come from a mixed cultural heritage. 

It follows a young woman trying to find her place in the world as she delves into Islam’s relationship with queerness and modernity.

Directed by Mingyu Lin, Silently Hoping questions of identity and multiculturalism told through a personal narrative.

Kalila Masri is a woman on the cusp of thirty and a life-changing decision, will she have a child with her partner, Charlotte? She wants to say yes. She does say yes. 

But Kalila has always struggled with reconciling her identity as British with being a Muslim. Her mother is concerned she can’t handle it, Charlotte is convinced everything will be fine, and both of them just want Kalila to finally commit to… something. 

An out of the blue confrontation with her estranged father completely derails Kalila and she is left asking the big existential question: Who am I?

Iskandar said, "As a mixed-race Southeast Asian-British person, I am very much writing about a personal experience with a cultural and religious identity.

"I want audiences to walk away considering what a mixed-race experience can feel like. I want them to understand that sometimes the language we use and the things we say can have huge impact on other people and that those impacts can last for a long, long time."


Silently Hoping
Performance Dates Wednesday 27th – Saturday 30th November 2019
Location Applecart Arts, 170 Harold Road, London E13 0SE
Box Office Tickets are available priced £12/£10/£8 by calling 020 3475 4280.

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