Supporters of India's governing nationalist party the BJP will be campaigning for the Conservative Party at the General election it has been reported.

The group will be targeting 48 marginal seats during the campaign and seats which they where the MP has been 'supporting Pakistanis'.

OFBJP UK Kuldeep Singh Shekhawat, the president of the group, is quoted in The Times of India as saying, "We are doing this for three reasons. Firstly some Labour MPs joined the violent protests outside India House on August 5 and September 3,. Secondly, no Labour MP spoke in favour of the India in the House of Commons on Kashmir and thirdly because of the Labour motion on Kashmir passed at their party conference. Why is Labour discussing the Indian state? We will only support MPs who support us.

"We are working with the Tory candidates in Keith Vaz's ex seat, Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi's seat, Preet Gill's seat, Lisa Nandy's seat, Seema Malhotra's seat and Valeri Vaz's seat."

He adds, "If the entire Indian community in the UK votes Tory, we will see a swing of around 40 seats to the Tories. This will swing the actual election result."

And went on to claim, 'Until now the Indian community in Britain has not voted en bloc- unlike the Pakistan community, which is directed by imams on how to vote."

Imams have never directed who people should vote for in mosques and have been banned from doing so by mosque committees.

A spokesperson for the Electoral Commission told Sky News: "Volunteers campaigning for or against a party, where no spending takes place, are not regulated.

"That does not change if those volunteers are supporters of a political party in another country.

"Similarly, a political party or individual in another country may express support for a British political party, but could not provide funding for campaign activity unless the funds were raised from permissible donors - eg individuals on an electoral register within the UK or the other sources listed in our guidance."

Mr Shekhawat adds: "Not a single Hindu will vote for Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi this time. Hindu voters think he is working closely with the Pakistani community.

"He is always seen with Pakistanis and goes to the Pakistan high commission. He is vice-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Britain-Pakistan Trade and Tourism, and was vice-chair of the APPG Kashmir Group."

Mr Dhesi told Sky News, "There has been a lot of talk in recent years about foreign external interference in elections and surely this is just another prime example of it.

"However, Slough constituents and the good people of Great Britain can rest assured that despite such activities of religious hardliners trying to divide our cohesive community, I will continue to speak up stridently for the hard-fought values of human rights for all."