Elephant Atta has collaborated with world-renowned graphic artist Inkquisitive.

This collaboration sees the artist, real name Amandeep Singh whose unique style consists of brightly coloured ink sketches, create an illustration and digital piece for Elephant Atta called ‘Heart of the Family’. 

The art piece depicts families cooking, sharing and enjoying chapattis.

Asian Image:

Amandeep Singh said, "In the creation of the artwork for this project I’ve tried to reflect the importance of family, love and bringing everyone together – it’s an artwork that adds a warmth for people to feel and not just to view.

"I’ve learnt so much about the history, tradition and importance of the values Elephant Atta stands for and represents – it’s been a real pleasure working with the brand”.

Asian Image:

The artist designed a huge mural 16 ft (w) x 8ft (h) live at Elephant Atta’s site at the recent London Mela. 

Elephant Atta said, “We were inspired not only by Amandeep’s artwork but also by his deep-rooted respect for culture and tradition. We are looking for a suitable site for the piece so that as many people as possible can enjoy looking at it and creating their own story from it.”