FIREFIGHTERS have urged people to take care when charging electrical items.

These pictures show the damage caused by a fire which started while a phone was being charged. 

Abid Qureshi, Watch Commander at Fairweather Green station, shared these pictures in a bid to raise awareness.

He said: "Please never charge your electrical items on your bed or over night!

"This fire was caused by a power bank which was left on charge under a pillow. Fortunately the occupier was awake and called the fire service."

Firefighters from Bradford, Shipley and Fairweather Green were called to the scene on Glenholme Road, Girlington, at around 9.30pm yesterday.

The power pack had either overheated or failed, but the fire was mostly out before crews arrived. 

Nobody was hurt.

Firefighters also installed some smoke detectors and sent out a message highlighting how important they are.