Dear Massi, My boyfriend brought his family round to meet mine as we want to get married.

His parents were rude from the moment they stepped into our house.

They asked how many bedrooms we had and acted shocked that me and my sister share a room.

His mum made a big deal about the fact that we only have one bathroom and she complained that the kitchen was too small.

My fiance didn’t say a word and just kept chatting about nonsense to keep the mood light.
The meeting really upset my parents.

I heard them talking later and my dad said he was worried he wouldn’t be able to afford a wedding of the standard that my boyfriend’s family would expect.

I don’t know what to do.

Massi says: It is only natural that you and your family have been left upset by this meeting.

If you are in agreement to marry each other, talk to your boyfriend honestly and explain that the wedding will be accommodated according to your parents’ budget and that you do not wish it to be a burden or a source of stress for them.

You most certainly do not have to feel pressured into living up to the ideals of anybody else.

Tell your boyfriend that your parents were left feeling hurt after the meeting which in turn has had an adverse effect on you.