The final episode of a comedy series featuring some of the UK's most popular Youtubers is out this week.

'Corner Shop: Thank You Come Again' is created bv Islah Abdur Rahman and stars  actor Micheal Turong, Humza Arshad, Modest Street, Rucksar Naz (Brown Girl Problems1), Amber Doig Thrune and multi-talented music artist Sonna Rele.

Islah Abdur Rahman also known as Mistah Islah picked up the Best Video Channel Award this week in Manchester.

This Corner Shop film only cost £2500 to make with donations by local businesses.

The film is story is based on Malik (Islah Abdur-Rahman), his life hasn’t gone to well so far but when his father leaves him in charge of the local Corner Shop things begin to change because of added responsibilities. 

Malik has to pull his socks up even more when he finds himself  planning his sister's wedding but danger is around the corner(shop) as he and his colleague Tony unravel a mysterious conspiracy led by the evil local Mayor who plans to shut down the shops on the High Street to make way for a his shopping centre, leaving Malik and many others redundant.

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Islah in Manchester at the Asian Media Awards on Thursday. He was presented the award by commedian Aatif Nawaz.

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Corner Shop Shows have risen in popularity following each episode over the last six years, fans of the Corner Shop Shows series have grown up with the series and will now get to see the finale of the series in a full length film episode which will also be launched on Oct 27 on YouTube.

Film maker and actor Islah Abdur Rahman says: “In 2013, I began writing and then directed the first series called "Corner Shop Show" which I uploaded onto YouTube.

"I now find myself making the very last part of the series into a film which will explain Malik and Tony’s final journey. I never thought the series would have so many fans and I can only say thank you to all the fans and watch out for a new adventure after the Corner-Shop finale!


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“The success of the series has also allowed me to use my YouTube platform to raise awareness for my family run charity "The Al-Ansari Foundation" based in East Africa, Zanzibar; helping orphans and the less fortunate with clean water, schools and madrasah's. 

"With a 100% donations policy, I toured our 7th Episode of Corner Shop Show, bringing the cast along, and premiered it to my followers, as a way to raise money for a water well in Zanzibar. I then travelled out there to help build the water well and visit the orphans that the charity, and the donations of all my followers, helped benefit. "