A pharmacist who ranted at airline staff en route to Morocco has been jailed.

Muhamed Azam, aged 37 falsely accused two air hostesses of being racist when they turned down his request for a full bottle of orange juice which he wanted to top up his vodka which he had under his seat.

He was arrested after the Thomas Cook jet landed at Marrakech airport in January this year.

Azam from Stoke-on-Trent was on a holiday with a group of friends and began shouting about the '’afterlife’ and '’Muslim principles’.

He stood in the aisle shouting: “I’m a pharmacist I work hard for my money. You can’t tell me what to f**king do.” reports the MEN.

the court heard he also hurled abuse at the captain of the aircraft, kicked at the seat of a passenger in front of him and claimed a glass of orange juice he was given was watered down.

In a statement air hostess Donna Bayley Jones said: “I have 27 years experience as a flight attendant dealing with a number of issues on board and this individual was one of the worst.

"He behaved in a threatening and intimidating manner and he made passengers and crew feel very uncomfortable.

''One of the catalysts in his behaviour was clearly drink. Acting like that at 37,000 feet. People are generally nervous when flying and his behaviour added to this. We should not have to tolerate this sort of behaviour.”

''He kept on saying that the afterlife is more important than this life. The implications of what he said and what he meant by it made me very anxious.''

Azam admitted being drunk on an aircraft and was jailed for six months at Manchester Crown Court.