BRADFORD was back on the box once again last Tuesday.

Dynamic duo Fatimah, 8, and Tayyibah, 7, Bashir Mugal showed the nation that the city means business when it comes to its culinary heritage.

The sisters appeared on CBBC show All Over The Place just before tea-time on October 1.

It is a energetic, humourous children's programme where presenters and guest hosts travel across the UK and world to highlight unique attractions and events.

French food critic, René Mangetout, visited Bradford to find out what the city had to offer.

The larger-than-life character is known for his quirky personality and matter-of-fact quips.

Before meeting the two sisters, René asked the city's people about Bradford's best known delicacies.


One enthusiastic individual mentioned its title as the "Curry Capital of the World".

But, it was the authentic Indian dessert, Galub Jamon, that piqued the Frenchman's interest.

Cut to one of Bradford's best-know curry houses - Sweet Centre Restaurant, in Lumb Lane, where manager Waqar welcomes the audience alongside his two daughters.

Fatimah and Tayyibah are fourth generation cooks at the restaurant and followed in the footsteps of their great grandfather by replicating his secret recipe for the Galub Jamon.

René challenges the girls to make the dessert, and after a moment of comedy relating to his pet snail, we witness the process of making Galub Jamon.

Tayyibah and Waqar stir together the ingredients in the kitchen, before moulding the mixture into cylindrical shapes.

Fatimah said this was the most difficult part of the process for her, while Tayyibah actually enjoys it.

The viewer then sees Tayyibah and Waqar fry the doughballs in a sugar syrup which is heated with saffron and cardamon.

They are then served in a syrup coating.

Then comes the moment of truth.

René tries a Galub Jamon and the sisters patiently wait to find out his verdict.

He says: "I do not like it."

In response the youngsters clasp their hands to their mouths in shock.

But then he says: "I love it. It is the sweetest thing I have ever tasted."

Waqar is then presented with a "René Rosette", while the girls get a special prize of their own - a drawn on moustache to match René's.

Fatimah said: "It was very exciting and it was very fun.

"I like getting to learn how to make something and when you learn how to make something, you can make it for other people.

"It's good to be a teacher."