A seminar highlighting real estate investment opportunities in emerging markets will take place in Manchester later this month.

The event, at the Manchester Marriott Albert and Victoria Hotel in Water Street, will include a presentation by leading property analyst, Sam Kandil.

Sam has spent 32 years in the emerging markets real estate sectors, having operated in Australia, Dubai and other parts of the Middle East.

He will explain how to target areas experiencing massive redevelopment or investment and parts of the world where the economy is on the rise. 

These are generally acknowledged by experts as up and coming areas ripe for investment.

The seminar hosts are London-based CPIC Global, the world’s leading real estate broker in Gwadar.

The city of Gwadar, on Pakistan’s Arabian Sea coastline, ticks all the boxes for emerging market investors.

The Pakistani Government have just announced a dramatic and ambitious multi-billion dollar development programme in Gwadar.

The 30-year Master Plan includes:
Port development & economic free zone
International transport links, including international airport
Infra-structure, including major road-network, electricity & water supply
Industrial & manufacturing developments

 By 2050 it is estimated Gwadar’s investment-fuelled economy will be worth $30 billion annually and the number of new jobs created there will pass the million mark.

A mammoth house-building project will be required to provide homes for nearly 2 million immigrants.

Land prices are expected to rise sharply as the city rapidly expands. The Master Plan predicts the number of households to rise from the current 16,000 to over 250,000.

Analysts believe the requirement for residential and commercial development plots will put great pressure on current availability.

CPIC are currently marketing plots of land for residential and commercial use in Gwadar, with prices starting at just £13,000.

The Gwadar Master Plan envisages the city becoming the main port in Western Pakistan, servicing China and the five Central Asian countries.

It will be the focal point for the trade centres of Afghanistan, South Asia and the neighbouring Middle East.

It is expected to become an international trading centre to rival Dubai.

The port’s throughput will rise from 44m tons to nearly 200m pushing the per capita GDP from just $2000 per year to $15,000, nearly three times Pakistan’s current rate.
Included in the Master Plan’s highlights are: 

o Commercial developments
o Residential developments
o Utilities, including water, sewage, gas & electricity
o Food production & supply
o Facilities, including healthcare, educational, religious, sports & recreational
o Telecommunications, including high-speed internet 
o Security, including storm measures
o Tourism developments
o Sustainability & ecological projects

The seminar takes place on October 24th, between 6-9 pm. Food and refreshments will be served. Entrance is free.