If you are searching for some words of wisdom then you might want to take a look at the Facebook posts of Yassar Farooq.

The footballer and businessman from Oldham recently called out mindless littering in his neighbourhood.

Before then he pointed why people were forced to spend so much money on weddings and has been keen to talk about the issues that are affecting many in his community.

On a visit to the Pakistani consulate he spoke out at the extortionate costs of visiting the country.

His witty and popular posts have garnered a great deal of reaction on Facebook.


In this recent post he calls out the people who drop litter and set fire to bins.

In June he quipped, “EID the only time off the year I wish I was a barber 💰💰💰”

Here is Yasser’s take on weddings, “I don’t even know what’s good or Islamic about all the weddings anymore they a shambles from start to end 

“It starts off with overpriced clothes to expensive camera crew hiring the same wedding halls serving the same food and the same cars it’s all just standard procedure now boring and expensive and some idiots now have the added bonus off setting fireworks at 1am or revving expensive cars in residential areas at 2am to keep people awake In return they get cursed so don’t know how they expect the marriage to last.

“That’s not even the worst bit most these people do the same thing for 1 wedding for 5 days use your brain make it easy for your elders and invest that money on something worthwhile or noble cuz nobody going to be talking about your wedding a week later.”

In March Yassar’s visit to the Pakistani Consulate didn’t go down well when he posted, “Probably the most expensive visa in the world.”

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Ahead of the elections he said,  “What’s the point off these local elections the same people always win we will be stuck with them till the end plus noting going to change 
"Actually I’m wrong few things will change like 
"More potholes 
"Less police 
"Worse schools and if you lucky getting your 4/5tg choice place in school for your kids unless u live in the better off areas 
"Bin collection probably go to monthly 
"And a guaranteed council tax rise for the above pleasures”

We all know the Arndale is expensive but wait until Yassar gets to Leeds. “I thought Arndale Manchester parking was a rip off until I visited Leeds how these f****rs get away with it.”

Littering is a major gripe, "Nothing I hate more than t**ts who throw these everywhere fix up u pricks"

And when it snowed he said, “Can’t wait for a million statuses to let me know it’s snowing.”

Yassar jokes with one of his favourite customers and finds that the language of humour is universal.

And we saved the best for last as here he chats to a customer and is warned of people 'urinating in  vinegar bottles'.