AN artist wants to inspire young people to follow their dreams and discover their talents as she delves into her passion.

Fatima Geloo, from Blackburn, was not always going to be an artist, but instead had studied forensic science at university.

But, after picking up the paintbrush and pencils in 2016, the 29-year-old fell in love with art and wanted to do nothing else.

Miss Geloo said: “I did enjoy my degree, but I didn’t want to do anything with it when I left, because it was not my passion, it was art that became my passion.

“I had always loved it, and didn’t really see myself doing anything else when I started painting, because I loved it.

“I want young people to realise they can do what they want are not tied down to one thing.”

Miss Geloo showcased her work at Blackburn’s Artisan Market for the first time last weekend and said the reactions to her landscape drawings blew her away. She said: “The reaction at the market was really positive, and a lot of people who came by and said it was beautiful.

“It made me feel proud of myself that I could get such a nice reaction from people.”

Her parents have also been really supportive of her career, as she said: “I would not have got this far without my parents’ support.”

Miss Geloo depicts land and seascapes using charcoal and paint.

She said: “I am intrigued by the sea, as I have travelled to places like Australia, Malaysia, Morocco, and they give me so much inspiration.

“The beauty of earth inspires me, and I have always been travelling and when I see it I want to paint it.”

In 2016, Miss Geloo started her own Etsy page, where she sells oil paintings, charcoal drawings, pastel drawings, handmade frames and bookmarks.

Miss Geloo said: “It still needs to get out there, and I am concentrating on my skill, but you shouldn’t stop doing what you love.”

“I would say that you should not let anything hold you back if you have the ability to do something.

“Even the Asian culture is changing now as this generation are opening up their minds, but maybe for the older generation it was more difficult to do something like art as a career.

“I want to inspire other young girls too, to do things they want not adhere to what is expected of them.

“I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me this far.

To see more of Miss Geloo’s work, visit her etsy page or follow her on Instagram @artbygeloo