FLYERS asking neighbours to object to plans to build an Islamic Community Centre on Cookham Road have been branded as “Islamophobic” by residents.

Those living close to the proposed site have had put through their letterboxes which ask neighbours to submit their concerns to Bracknell Forest Council.

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Attached with the flyer is a card where neighbours are asked to write the reasons for their objections, as well as a free post envelope with BFC’s planning department address on the back.

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The flyer asks neighbours to object to the plans because of fears surrounding congestion and parking, residential disturbance and the loss of employment space.

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However, one recipient told the News she thought the flyers were ‘Islamophobic’.

Suzanna Chambers, from Boyd Court, said: “This is nasty, objectionable and a little too much like ‘the other’ for my liking.

“Given that there is no option but to object to the Mosque and point two of the leaflet is pretty much point one rejigged, I’d say it’s Islamophobic.

“It is nasty and insidious and so disappointing in this day and age.”

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It is not known who sent the flyers, but several other neighbours have confirmed they were sent the leaflets after posting on Facebook.

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The Bracknell Islamic Cultural Society (BCIS) submitted its application for a Community Centre at Waterside Park on Cookham Road in August.

Plans are still pending consideration but should they go ahead, the new centre would be the first purpose-built mosque in Bracknell Forest.

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Documents suggest 200 people could use the centre during Friday prayers, with up to 40 people using the site on a daily basis.

More than 80 per cent of visitors are expected to be local and living within walking distance.

Applicants suggest this means the new mosque would “not have any impact on the local traffic and parking”.

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The BCIS is a registered charity which was set up in 2006 and since 2016 has been using a single room in a council office space as its home, but could move into the new space by October if planning bosses give the proposal the green light.